International Symposium at the Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania, October 25-29, 2017.

Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, Romania

Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania

The BRUKENTHAL NATIONAL MUSEUM in Sibiu/ Hermannstadt, Romania, sponsored an international symposium on the Image of Divinity in Neolithic and Eneolithic Societies:  Ways of Communication ~ October 25-29, 2017.

The symposium was organized in three sections: (1) Sign, symbol, communication; (2) Modelling and communication. Sanctuaries and special cultic places; (3) Ethno-archaeology. Ethno-religion.

The scientific organization committee is represented by: Professor Sabin Adrian LUCA, Dr. Anamaria TUDORIE, Professor Gheorghe LAZAROVICI, Professor Magda LAZAROVICI, Professor Nicolae URSULESCU, Professor Marin CÂRCIUMARU and Dr. Emil URSU.