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Prehistoric Roots

Prehistoric Roots of Romanian and Southeast European Traditions, Volume I

by Adrian Poruciuc (2010)

Table of Contents

Neolithic Symbol System of Southeast Europe

Signs of Civilization:
Neolithic Symbol System of Southeast Europe

edited by Joan Marler and Miriam Robbins Dexter (2009)

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The Danube Script - Exhibition CatalogueThe Danube Script: Neo-Eneolithic Writing in Southeastern Europe.
Brukenthal Museum Exhibition Catalogue

edited by Joan Marler (2008)

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"Signs of Civilization" PosterPoster of Vinca culture artifacts /
“Signs of Civilization”

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Signs of CivilizationSigns of Civilization:  Exhibition Catalogue
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Novi Sad

edited by Andrej Starović (2004)



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